1 000 Daily Protective Masks with 3 Layers


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20 Boxes with 50 masks per box

This 3 layer mask is manufactured by LEO Medical Equipment. It’s a daily protective mask that effectively filters dust, protects against irritants such as droplets and pollen. It’s core layer is a polypropylene melt blown non-woven fabric.


  • Outer layer: Non-woven fabric, effectively degrading harmful substances and gases.
  • Middle layer: Melt-blown filter material to isolate fine particles and dust.
  • Inner layer: Skin-friendly non-woven fabric, moisture-proof and breathable.


Product Name: Daily Protective Mask
Model: MASK‐01
Size: 17.5cm×9.5cm
Filtration: BFE —
Filtration: PFE Salt ≥90%; Oil ≥80%
Protective Effect: ≥65%
Airway Resistance: Inhalation ≤175pa
Airway Resistance: Expiration ≤145pa
Breathability: —
Sterilization Type: Non‐sterile
Packaging Quantity: 50Pcs/Box
Packaging Size: 205×100×90mm
Shipping Package Quantity: 20Box/Carton
Shipping Package Size: 515×420×187.5mm
Weight: 4.7kg


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